Canton Global Academy CGA

Principal's newsletter 22 December, 2017

Dear Parents

By the time you read this I hope many of you will have seen our end of term production, The Cat in The Hat. It is a fitting way to end the first term of CGA as it reflected something which is distinctive about the school i.e. the collegiate way in which all the staff [and by that I mean the administration and marketing as well as the teachers] and the students work together to achieve good educational practice and goals. This is in turn means we have established an excellent foundation for the future prospects of the school.

It is now the time for everyone to pat themselves on the back and take a well-earned break. There is an English phrase relating to holidays which says “It’s the time to re-charge the batteries.” Indeed, whilst I know we will all aim to have a restful vacation, the time out allows us to refresh and get ready for the rest of the academic year. And knowing the spirit of the CGA staff, all will want to make improvements on the great start already made.

It now remains for me to wish everyone a really enjoyable holiday. If you are travelling I wish you safe and sound journeys and I look forward to seeing all of you back in January, bright-eyed and bushy- tailed and ready for the remainder of the Academic Year.

Best Regards,

Hadyn Adams