Canton Global Academy

Principal's newsletter 10 November, 2017

To a certain extent this is what we might call a ‘slow news week’ at CGA. In that sense it was not as exciting and as fraught as previous weeks and weekends but it does not mean to say it was not productive.

There’s a lot going on in the classrooms as some of the photographs that accompany this letter will show and there has been a lot of planning by teachers and the Marketing staff for the coming weeks.

By way of backing up their classroom work, Years 2 to 6 inclusive will be visiting The Dinosaur Museum on Tuesday 14 November 2017. At CGA we firmly believe that supporting classroom work by visits in this way is really good for learning. Going out into the community not only backs up and increases a student’s knowledge but promotes the school locally and gives us a positive image. It is important on the day that students are in uniform and, as always, on their best behavior. They will be accompanied by their teachers but also parents are welcome to join us. Please let Mr Jonathan or Mr Derek know if you wish to do so. There will be photos in next week’s newsletter and a write up on the visit with comments from the students.

Meanwhile,our Marketing Department are planning adverts for local publications and are going to be helping the teaching staff in planning and preparing for the Winter Concert on Friday 22 December. We hope you can join us and bring your friends for what will be a great end of term celebration before the holiday.

Last week I wrote about a Mathematics Workshop for parents. We wish to hold this from 1.30p.m. on Wednesday 22 November. Each teacher will give a short presentation with examples of how she/he teaches Mathematics and there will be a time for questions and answers and parental discussion. I hope you can join this forum as it will be the first of others we will do to give you more advice about the National Curriculum and its teaching methodology.

Last week we did a bus evacuation drill and today we did a fire evacuation drill for the whole school. Everything went very well indeed and the children behaved impeccably as can be seen from the photographs. Safety and security are important issues which we will continue to work on at CGA.


Finally interviews for teaching staff are on-going. We have some teachers who are interested in joining us and we now have to get all the procedures completed in order for them to get their FECs and working visa. This takes time, sometimes eight weeks or more, and with the up-coming holidays it may mean some delays in teachers joining us. As previously stated, once I have firm news I will keep you fully informed. Have an enjoyable weekend.

Hadyn Adams