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Canton Residence

Amusement Park at the Masquerade Buffet Dinner night at Canton Residence

This is a Masquerade buffet dinner party of Canton compound. We are responsible for setting up an amusement park for kids. the members of the Marketing Team together with Zakiya, Gloria, Kable and Ophelia spent the Saturday evening setting up and then entertaining the children who lived in the Canton compound. Plenty of games such as Pin The Tail on The Donkey, Musical Chairs and Dunkin’ for Apples [a traditional game at this time of the year] kept the participants amused whilst the residents enjoyed a buffet and barbecue.

Some other events in the following lovely photos.

Musical Chairs,listening carefully

Pin The Tail on The Donkey,vampire with the donkey

Ring toss, a flying boy

Watch for the dog, be careful and focus on the bones

Asuper golf kid

A special Thank for Canton Residence