1. Does CGA accept students in the middle of the year?

Yes. We have an open entry policy and can enroll students at any time during the school year if there are seats available. CGA recognizes that families may move to Guangzhou in the middle of the school year and is readily accommodating of new students. We do ask that applications are completed and returned in their entirety as soon as possible. We will make every effort to help late-entry students get adjusted to our school and the new surroundings.

2. Will CGA accept transcripts and teacher recommendations in other languages?

You should furnish original transcripts and other documents such as report cards with the school seal. However, all transcripts must be translated by an official, licensed translator. Teacher recommendation forms should be in English..

3. We are interested in visiting the campus. Is CGA open to visit?

Families are encouraged to make an appointment with the Admissions Office. If a visit is required at short notice, please phone in advance to ensure someone will be there to meet you. To arrange a tour of the campus or to chat to us please contact us.

4. How are students selected in CGA?

CGA students are selected based on past academic performance, recommendations, their potential to succeed in the CGA academic program, their age and any special talents.

5.Does everyone need to take the admission tests ?

Yes. All students must take admissions tests in Mathematics and English. These are used diagnostically so that should a student require any extra help on entry to the school, the Learning Services department can asses exactly what is required. It also determines whether extra help is needed in English language. The test results are not divulged to the parents but parents are given an indication of how the student did in the tests and any implications for tuition arising from them.

6. When do I schedule my child’s admission test?

An arrangement can be made with the admissions office at interview.

7. How long does it take for the Admissions Office to process my completed application?

Once the Admissions Office has received all completed application forms, an admissions officer will contact the family with a decision within 5 working days or sooner if possible.

8. Whom should I contact with additional questions about the school?

Choosing the right school for your child is important. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office at admissions@cgagz.com. Arrangements can be made to meet with the Principal if required.

9. What is the admissions decision based on? Who makes the decision?

Final acceptance of students is based on the information in the application, school reports, confidential reference forms, assessment from the Admission tests, and available seats in the Grade level. Admission decisions are made by The Principal.

10. What is your current enrolment?

As a new school, only opened in September 2017 we have just under 40 students on roll and there are small classes in every year group from Nursery to Year 6 [i.e. 3 to 11 year olds]. We expect to get towards 100 students for September 2018 and we will also then have a small cohort of secondary students i.e. aged 11 and above.

11. How many students are there in one class?

CGA admission policies allow for approximate 18 students in each classroom for Pre Nursery to Reception and approximate 20 for higher grades. There are two teachers in each classroom, one native English speaking and one native Chinese speaking, from grades Pre Nursery- Year 3.

12. Can my child apply to a lower grade to match their English skill level?

No, students must apply for their age-appropriate grade level.

13. What is the language of instruction?

The language of instruction at CGA is English.

14. What type of curriculum does CGA follow?

We are offering a Foundation Early Years programme for Nursery and Reception and for children aged 5 and over we offer the whole National Curriculum range of subjects with the addition of Mandarin taught to all students.

15. Do you recognize students’ home languages?

We assess Mother Tongue programmes in relation to the numbers and different languages of children in the school. From January 2018 we will offer a Mother Tongue programme in Arabic. Future offerings totally depend on our intake.

16. If my child’s first language is not English, will he/she have difficulties adjusting in the classroom?

The Assessment Test will be indicative of any language needs of the applicant. If these needs are severe and extra tuition is required, the terms and conditions of this tuition will be discussed with the parents. Many of our teachers have EAL qualifications and are used to dealing with a range of English Language abilities in the classroom. Differentiation is therefore part of their teaching skills and since young children pick up languages quite quickly there is usually not a protracted period when their language skills prove an impediment to learning.

17. Do students learn about Guangzhou and China?

Chinese culture is also incorporated into Mandarin lessons and some activities are related to Chinese culture.

18. Do you teach Chinese each day?

There is one 40 minute Mandarin lesson every day. Children are set by ability for their Mandarin language classes.

19. How will I know how my child is doing?

There is a Pupil Diary which teachers use to communicate information to parents and homework should also be recorded in these booklets. There are two, full written reports sent home every year [one in December and one in June] which give a full assessment of the student’s ability in all the subjects of the National Curriculum. There are parent-teacher meetings to discuss these reports. In addition early in the Autumn Term after starting there is a parent-teacher meeting to assess settling ion and in the Spring Term there is also an opportunity for meeting with teachers about a student’s progress.

20. What kind of assessment will CGA use?


21. If my child asks for leave, will school do the make-up lesson or missed assignments for my child?

The school acknowledges that there are times when children may be ill and unable to attend school. The teacher will provide the assignments missed. For absences of more than three days, assignments may be picked up at a time previously arranged with the teacher. Please allow at least one day’s notice since teachers do not always have time during the day to gather your child’s assignments. If you must take your child out of school, please notify the teacher at least two weeks ahead of time. The teacher can then compile the major assignments for your child.

22. How many terms does your school have?

We have 2 academic terms (the 1st term begins from mid-August and ends in mid- December, while the 2nd term begins from early January and ends in mid-June).
During the school year, we celebrate both Chinese and Western holidays such as the Lunar New Year, Winter break, May Holiday, Mid-autumn Festival and other Chinese National Holidays.

23. What are the school hours?

24. Where are CGA teachers from? Are CGA teachers certified to teach in their own countries?

All members of our teaching staff are native English speakers and all are fully qualified and experienced, the majority having worked in schools offering the National Curriculum either at home in the United Kingdom or in international schools throughout the world. All are reference checked and along with their professional qualifications they have to obtain Police Clearance as well as undergo a medical examination in order to satisfy the People’s Republic of China’s Foreign Expert Certificate requirements which then allows them to teach in schools in China. CGA is committed to the professional development of its teaching staff and the National Curriculum Council as well as the Cambridge International Examinations Syndicate both provide training courses through the year and members of staff may be designated to attend these.

25. Does CGA require students to wear uniforms?

CGA is uniform school and requires all students to wear uniforms which are available for purchase from the school. There are different seasonal versions of the uniform, one for colder weather and one for warmer weather.

26. Is lunch included in the school fees?

The lunch is not included in the school fees. There is a full service cafeteria with Western and Asian cuisine; The menu is designed to offer choice and a balanced diet including vegetarian, halal food dishes and fruit. Students may alternatively bring their own food, and a microwave is available to heat food.

27. Does the school provide transportation for students?

Yes. CGA offers optional bus transportation for students to and from school. Students who participate in the service must follow the bus rules which have been formulated with the safety of everyone in mind. As the school hires an outside company to run the service, parents must sign a liability waiver for the school. Buses are fitted with safety belts and there is a monitor to help children. A parent or designated caregiver must pick the child up at the drop-off place, unless the parents indicate in writing that the child may walk home alone from the bus stop.

28. Does CGA have boarding or dormitory facilities?

CGA is a day school. We do not have boarding facilities or dormitories. In fact, we require that students reside with at least one parent who is living full-time in the Guangzhou area.

29. Why is CGA unique?

1. Our guiding philosophy is that education is love. We are committed to providing international education to all students who wish to learn. We offer the most competitive tuition in Guangzhou so that students who might not otherwise be able to attend an international school can learn in an international environment and begin fulfilling their dreams.
2. We offer a safe and secure campus for our students, staff and parents.
3. We offer a healthy environment that follows a strict wellness protocol.
4. Our international approach and inquiry based learning provides an exceptional environment for all children to grow and develop.
5. We provide a quality British education with IGCSE that culminates with A Levels.
6. We provide top-rated British textbooks and learning resources.
7. We offer a tried, tested and rigourous curriculum that is internationally recognized.
8. Certified international teachers.
9. We provide a low teacher to student ratio.
10. We have a highly experienced school management team.
11. We provide comprehensive school services such as school busing and school lunches with an international menu.
12. We are a member of CIEO schools. CIEO is one of the top 10 largest K12 education groups in China.