Canton Global Academy

Principal's newsletter

Friday 18 May 2018

Dear Parents

As we near the end of the academic year it may be thought that things wind down ; unfortunately the reverse is true and things tend to get more hectic as we near the finish line.

Currently the teaching staff are working on getting our Music and Art showcase ready. This will be presented on the afternoon of Friday 15 June. It will be the students’ first real attempt at a musical performance but hopefully it will lay the foundation on which the musical life of the school can be built over future years. Certainly the students are enjoying it and that in itself is a good educational experience.

But with every end of term comes internal tests and reports. Students will be tested on their year’s work from 15 to 20 June, after which the reports will be written. Parents are invited to meet the teachers to collect and discuss the reports on the afternoon or early evening of Wednesday 28 June.

The school effectively closes for the summer vacation on Thursday 27 June but there will be Summer School courses for 3 – 5 years olds and for 6 – 10 year olds in July and early August. If any parent wants further details about these please contact the school office a.s.a.p. These will provide students with a good chance to brush up their English Language skills and enjoy educational visits and a variety of challenging and interesting academically orientated activities. I hope, for those of you who are staying, you will take the opportunity of enrolling your daughter or son on one of these courses.

Finally, I regret missing out on the CGA Mother’s Day event last week but would definitely like to express my thanks to all members of the school [and that included the students !] for making this a day to remember for the mothers of our delightful pupils ! The photos tell the story !

Kind regards

Hadyn Adams