Our Teachers

Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson is from the United States and has almost five years of teaching experience in both his native country and in China. Having a master’s in education with a focus on Integrated Curriculum, Derek utilizes the skills learned from his studies to both differentiate subject matter and incorporate critical thinking, so students better grasp learning concepts. Derek is also a member of the Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, which is an educational group of professionals with notable members including Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein. Outside of teaching, Derek enjoys reading, traveling, and experiencing new aspects from various cultures. derek.anderson@cgagz.com

Joanathan Lake

Jonathan was born in Guildford and raised in West Wittering in the South East of London, England. He Graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in BSc Sports and Exercise Psychology. He began to fall in love with teaching since he was ten years old, where he had a male teacher called Mr. Ashley as his Year 5 primary school teacher. When he was in college he volunteered two times a week to go into the local schools and support the teachers with their physical activity classes and from there pursued his teaching career which has lead him to work and live in South China, Guangzhou. Jonathan moved to China in the summer of 2012 where he has worked in a number of different international schools. The most recent school being Huamei American International School (Griggs Academy), where he picked up his American state license (Michigan state). He is a very energetic and creative teacher and was recognized as a high achiever from The University of Nottingham where he achieved his PGCE in Teaching. He is very excited to be a part of the new school set up here at Canton Global Academy (CGA). Jonathan is a teacher who strives to get the best out of his students helping them achieve their full potential in a stimulating and motivating classroom environment, Jonathan’s hobbies are sports related and enjoys playing football and badminton. He will create a professional rapport with the students both inside and outside the classroom. Apart for teaching, Jonathan enjoys walking his dog, exercising and going to the cinemas with friends. Jonathan was a professional English sportsman from the age of 14-19 years old and looks forward to sharing his talents and experiences with the students.


Zakiya attended London University and graduated with a degree in Education Studies. Her initial teaching was at a secondary school in Deptford, London, during which time she also studied for and was awarded a TEFL qualification. Armed with her qualifications she decided to follow her personal ambitions in travelling and she left London and came to work in Guangzhou initially teaching English as a second language. By way of professional development, Zakiya improved her skills by taking Cambridge Learners teaching knowledge tests. Whilst enjoying TEFL work, Zakiya was pleased to get the opportunity to join CGA and believes she has been ‘wonderfully challenged’ in this role. Zakiya is currently studying for her Masters degree and her passions include travelling, different cultures and sharing experiences. She sees education as being “a passport to the world.”

Bill Payne

I truly love working with children and I believe I have developed an ability to connect with them that is built on trust and respect. I have literally worked with children my entire life since as a child myself I often helped my mother running the pre-school she set up in our house. So from that base as I grew up I became a swimming instructor, a summer camp counselor, a pre-school teacher, a futbol referee and coach, a baseball coach, a Behaviour Technician for children and adults with special needs and a Special Education teacher. I have a Bachelors degree in Special Education from Western Governors University. I am a certified and licensed teacher in the state of Washington and I am endorsed in both Special Education K-12 and Elementary Education K - 8. I am looking forward to expanding my skill set by delivering the UK National Curriculum to a diverse group of international students. It is both my pleasure and honour to work with all the children and staff here at CGA.

Chelseigh Robinson

[MUSIC] Chelseigh is a graduate of East Tennessee State University where she gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Chemistry ! She is USA State certified to teach both these subjects and she also has a TEFL certificate. After teaching English in Harbin, Chelseigh joined CGA in March as the Year 4 class teacher but she will take over as the specialist music teacher w.e.f. August.


[Primary Teacher] Hannah is a graduate of Swansea Metropolitan University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Primary Education. She has worked in local schools in Wales and has also taught in the British International School in Ho Chi Minh City.She is currently teaching the reception class at Ysgol Santes Tadful, a primary school in Wales. She enjoys working with lower primary students, especially reception age pupils and has operated a school Friendship Club in association with a primary school in Vietnam.


[P.E.] Matthew is a graduate in Sport and Exercise Sciences from Sunderland University from which he also gained his Post Graduate Certificate of Education [Primary.] Apart from teaching PE has also done Year 4 classroom teaching so is au fait with not just what is needed in primary sports but also in their classroom work. He is currently working at Loydence Academy in Doha. His personal commitment to sport and exercise is what he intends to convey to the students he teaches.


[Primary Teacher] Qualified with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Primary Education from Manchester Metropolitan University and taught initially in Primary Schools in the UK before working abroad. Currently teaches Year 2 at Loydence Academy in Doha, Qatar. For school activities she has organized a Gym Club and also a Maths club – Maths she claims is one of her specialities in Primary teaching ! Her personal hobbies are reading, swimming and travelling.


[Primary Teacher] A graduate in Primary Studies from The University of South Wales Richard has taught at local schools in Wales as a supply teacher but he has also been an Athletics Director at NJY Camps in America. He holds a TEFL qualification and also taught English in Vietnam at iLi Language Centre and participated in voluntary work in a Vietnamese orphanage. He brings a wealth of experience to CGA especially in the field of sports and Information Technology, the latter being one of his speciality areas.


[INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY] a graduate of The University of Ottawa, Joseph has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree and an Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology. He is qualified to teach Computer Studies [his preferred subject] and Mathematics, Kindergarten to Year 12 ! He is currently teaching in Beijing Kaiwen Academy and studying for a Masters degree. His interests are in chess, robotics, culinary arts and film making all of which he has organised and run as activities in his various teaching posts.


[ART] Shua is a graduate in Art & Design from Trinity Western University, British Columbia, Canada. He also holds a TESOL certificate from Vancouver Community College, Canada and a TEFL Certification which he gained in Shanghai, China. He has worked in various parts of China as an English Language teacher and is currently working for the Affiliated Foreign Language School o SCNU in Guangzhou. He has interests in photography and graphic design and will want to develop these programs at CGA.

Kable Mei

Kable Mei graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, majoring in Chinese Language and Culture. She has been teaching primary for two years. She believes that good education can make the future better. Learning a language is not just to learn how to use this language but to learn more about the culture and the way how people think. She loves traveling as to explore the world and to talk to the people who are from different areas. She likes hiking, camping and writing poems.

Gloria Wen

Zan Wen gained her Bachelor’s degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language from Xiang Tan university and worked as a Chinese Teacher at The Confucius Institute at Leon University, Spain. After working there for one year she went on to teach at The Confucius Institute at Las Palmas University. Her work in Spain included lessons in Chinese culture and arranging Spring Festival events as well as organizing activities for the reception of the Chinese Ambassador to Spain along with his staff. She enjoys working with young children and is happy to use her experiences abroad in her work at CGA.

Ophelia Chen

Chen Muren is a graduate of South China Normal University. She has worked as an intern in a Chinese Primary school and most recently was a teacher in Kindergarten and Grade 1 students in a local Arabic School. During university vacations she also worked as an English and Music teacher on Summer courses and as an interpreter. She enjoys working with young children and is pleased to have achieved a position at an international school.