Admissions Process

Parents should complete a CGA Student Application Form and prepare the required documents. Once documents have been received, a meeting with the Head of School is arranged. Any records, references, test results, or medical records should be brought along for this interview. Skills in English and Maths are assessed for all applicants from Year 1 and up. Students who meet admissions criteria are placed according to their age. Consideration is also given to previous school level and emotional and physical maturity to ensure the most appropriate placement. CGA believes that it is important for children to be placed in classes with their age peers. The curriculum, resource materials and class delivery at CGA are based on our chart of birthday cut off dates for each year level. CGA has limited special education resources. A decision regarding admission of students with special needs is based on the school’s ability to meet the child’s needs while making reasonable adjustments. All applicants must meet admission guidelines as set out in Documents for Application.

Documents for Application /Admissions Requirements

1. Completed the “CGA Student Application Form”.
2. Official previous school records in English.
3. Four passport photos per student and 2 passport photos per parent/guardian.
4. Medical report from Health Care Center of Guangdong Int’l Travel (207 Longkou Xi Rd, Tianhe, GZ) or other international clinic.
5. Immunization record.
6. Birth Certificate of the student.
7. All Academic Records, including:
         a. Any available standardized test scores.
         b. Any special needs testing (if relevant).

For foreign students

1. Copies of the passport statistics page and China Visa Stamp for the student and parents.
2. Copy of “Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors” from your local Chinese Public Security Station.

For students from Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau

1. A copy of student’s & parents’ passports.
2. A copy of student’s & parents’ “Tai Bao Zheng”/“Hui Xiang Zheng”.

For students from The People’s Republic of China with foreign permanent residence status

1. Original and one copy of student’s, parents’ passports & identity documents.
2. Original and one copy of student’s foreign permanent residence permit.
3. A short statement of reason for application from parent (in Chinese).
4. Student’s statement of reason for application-Year 7 upward (in Chinese).