Mother's Day Party 2018

On May 11, CGA invited all moms to participate in a big party to celebrate Mother’s Day with their children.

It was another success after the International Day on May 5.

Our students made Mother’s Day cards with tokens, teachers prepared videos in which students said I love you mom, and our school prepared flowers for the students to give to their moms.

All students met with their moms and gave them the cards and flowers during this event.

Parents expressed that this event was the most successful event during the time they have been with CGA, for all of them had the happiest and most beautiful moment with their children, teachers and staff. Parents enjoyed the videos, cards, flowers and small token of appreciation of what they mean to our children and us.

Big thanks to all staff and teachers, our students and parents for organizing and attending this event.

Sincerely yours

Charles Chao

Chief Operations Officer


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