Art & Music Showcase

Canton Global Academy


22 June 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

No one really knows why Art and Music are so important for us. However, can you guess what will the world be like without Art or Music? What will our life be like if we do not have Art or Music? Some people would say Life without Music is a mistake, I will also say Life without Art is also a mistake.

At CGA, our Motto is to Prepare Students For Life. We strongly believe that Art and Music are important parts of education. That is why we incorporate Art and Music into our curriculum, and that is why we had our first Art & Music Showcase at CGA. We acknowledged that our students’ life at CGA is colorful, and we strongly believe that their life in the future would be even more colorful!

Thanks for the hard work of all the students, teachers and staff, and thank all the parents for coming to support this showcase, we made CGA first Art & Music Showcase a huge success together!

Now let’s take this opportunity to review our 1st Art & Music Showcase on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

Nursery and Reception students have also been playing with their food! Potatoes and Macaroni to be exact. Students combined food and paint to make unique pieces of art.

Year 1 and 2 presented a play based on the children’s book, “The Hat.” They created their own artwork for this play that has a simple but powerful message: You should never rush to judgement.

Year 3 decided to choose their own song and learn an acoustic version, together with Year 5 and 6. The song they chose was “Coldplay-Vida la Vida”. The Artwork was a group effort in drawing cartooned fruit and creating a new and fun way to express their drawing abilities in the shapes of fruit.

Year 4 performed a piece of music on bells. For the art portion, they created sock puppets with a Mayan myth theme.

Year 5 and 6 students performed in both a live performance using instruments in the music portion, such as drums, keyboards and xylophones. At the conclusion of the show, these same students played in a mock Rock & Roll performance using inflatable instruments and pre-recorded music. In the Art portion of the showcase, students worked in partners with Year 3 students to create fictional stories that were accompanied by cartoon drawings.

From this Art & Music Showcase, we have found that Music Production and Art works that the Nursery, Reception and Primary students have made are fabulous.

From this Art & Music Showcase, we have also found that our teachers and students’ talent in both art and music was amazing!

At CGA our Vision is to Discover Your Potential, Shape Your Future. Today we have discovered your talent and your potentials. Let’s work together to shape your future!

This is the first Art and Music Showcase at CGA, but it will never be the last. Let’s expect our second CGA Art and Music Showcase at this time next year, a greater success!

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Charles Chao

Chief Operations Officer


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