Canton Global Academy CGA

Principal's newsletter 17 November, 2017

Dear Parents

Another week closes and we are rapidly now approaching our end of term events which include internal tests and reports but also our Winter Concert. So the school days are now concentrating on both of these events. The reports will be sent home to you on Friday 15 December and format for Years 1 to 6 inclusive is in accordance with National Curriculum requirements.

Meanwhile, Tuesday of this week saw the first outside visit of CGA students to The Dinosaur Museum. This was an exciting event for our Year 2 – 6 students and was a follow-up to their class work. The photos accompanying this letter show the children at the museum and exploring the artifacts. Not to be outdone, Nursery, Reception and Year 1 are now planning a visit to Chimelong Safari Park at the end of November as a follow-up to their classwork on animals. Ms Zakiya will be informing parents about this and, as usual, parents are welcome to join the group on the visit. Learning is as important outside the classrooms and confines of the school as it is inside them.

We live in a digital age and I am sure many of you are aware of the rapid scientific and technical changes that are now part of our everyday lives. These naturally have to be catered for inside the educational world. In that respect we are now awaiting delivery of 20 Samsung Tablets and a charging cabinet for these machines. We are also going to buy into data bases/ePrograms which relate to the National Curriculum e.g. Education City which will back up and help develop our classroom work. eLearning, as it is referred to, has to be a major part of what we deliver if we are to meet our mission statement. Sooner, rather than later, our students will be taking eExaminations.

And so on to our Mathematics Workshop. I hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend this first of our National Curriculum workshops on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at 1.30p.m. in our Music Room on Floor 2. There will be presentations by the teachers and a chance to ask questions. [Light refreshments will also be served.] This is a chance for you to get familiar with what happens in the classroom and how we wish to get students to develop their learning strategies.

This week I leave you with this thought : It has been said that were the famous author, Charles Dickens, to be alive today the only institution he would instantly recognize from the 19th century would be a school. Maybe he would recognize the school building but he would certainly not recognize what goes on in the classrooms !

Hadyn Adams