Canton Global Academy CGA

Principal's newsletter 8 December, 2017

Dear Parents

As you will see the school is decorated for the Festive Season as we head towards the Winter Holiday. Our thanks go to everyone who has contributed to livening up the campus in this way and thereby helping to convey season’s greetings to our students, our staff, and all our visitors.

This week the students have sat their internal tests and the end of term reports are now being written. These will be sent home on Friday 15 December. You will be able to discuss this report in detail on Monday 15 January with your child’s teacher when you can also set learning goals for the rest of the Academic Year.

On Monday of this week we were happy to have Bill Payne, our new teacher from 15 January 2018, pay us a visit and get to know the school staff and familiarize himself generally with the school. He is very much looking forward to working here in the New Year and he will be taking Year 2 students which will make a difference to Jonathan Lake’s allocated teaching role. Currently he is going through the procedures for his working visa. Whilst we are happy to greet new staff joining us we are sad when staff leaves us and this week sees the departure of Claudia Liang who has been working in the Marketing Department since September. Thank you for your contribution to CGA, Claudia, and all the best for your future.

Hadyn Adams