Canton Global Academy CGA

Principal's newsletter 15 December, 2017

Dear Parents

One week more will bring us to the end of the first term at Canton Global Academy. The weeks that will have passed by Friday 22 December marks 42% of the Academic Year - a statistic that may quite astonish you. Today, therefore, when you receive the first term’s report for your child considers the genuine progress that has been made in that time. Having read and commented on these reports “improvement” is a word that features almost consistently in every report being sent home and that for us, and I am sure for you, is extremely encouraging and worth boasting about.

Adapting to a new school, a new curriculum and succeeding in an initially unfamiliar environment as all our children have done reminds us just how receptive and resilient young people are and it is often we adults who are over-apprehensive and concerned when we clearly at times need not be. I hope, therefore, you will congratulate your child and treat her or him to a reward for doing herself/himself and you proud. I would remind you there is an opportunity to follow-up the report with an interview with your child’s teacher on Monday 15 January; further details about this will be sent home when the school re-starts on Tuesday 09 January 2018.

After the tests and the report i.e. after so much ‘pain’ - comes the pleasure. This final week the students will be putting the polish on their production of Dr Seuss’ story, The Cat in The Hat, ably adapted by Mr Jonathan Lake and with added music, songs and dances by Mr Anderson, Ms Williams and Gloria, Kable and Ophelia, our Chinese teachers. I really hope you will be able to come and enjoy this colourful, dramatic end of term performance as it will be a delightful send off for the Winter holiday. The show will start at 1.15p.m. and at the end there will be a chance for the audience to mingle with the students and staff and enjoy some snacks and light refreshments.

Whilst we will I am sure all reflect on the year that is concluding we will also look ahead to the one coming and in that respect there are many school events which will not only prove to be a learning curve for our students but also enticing and interesting for you. As a first-off example please do keep the morning of Saturday 03 February free when we will be hosting a celebration for the forthcoming Chinese New Year, The Year of the Dog ! Please also follow our calendar which will be printed at the end of every newsletter.


We look forward to your presence next Friday afternoon!

Hadyn Adams